Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laura's Tea Room, Ridgeway, SC

Last weekend my family and I went to visit my Nana for my uncle Jerry's birthday. Nana kept telling me about a tea room in Ridgeway, SC called Laura's Tea Room that she and her friends had been to and how much I would love it. Nana lives in Blythewood, SC, which is only 10 minutes from Ridgeway, so we decided to make reservations for Saturday High Tea. We have two tea rooms here in Savannah and I enjoy them both, but I must say Laura's shines above them. Ridgeway is a small town that has a certain charm that makes you feel like you've traveled back in time. You just want to stay there and soak everything in. It reminded me a lot of Plains, Ga. Here are some pictures of downtown Ridgeway where Laura's is located.

Ridgeway is home to the smallest police department in South Carolina.

When you go inside Laura's Tea Room, you will see a long counter with shelves and a rolling ladder because Laura's used to be a general store.

The section where tea is served is located on the second story.  The first story is a gift shop/coffee shop deli. Once you are upstairs in the mezzanine, you can wait in chairs and pick out a hat if you'd like.

I was already wearing a hat, however.  I brought my Granny Fuller's church hat that she bought in 1950. Here is a picture of me wearing it. I added the scarf around the top, but other than that, it looks just like it did when she bought it.

When you go into the main room to have tea, there is a large table full of tea cups and you get to pick out your favorite.  It also has a picture of Laura, the lady who started it all.

 This is the tea cup that I chose. I also thought the spoon was so pretty that I bought one in the gift shop after we finished. You can buy them individually or in a set.

This was the entire place setting.

 The cream and sugar.

 I loved the pattern on the silverware!

This is just one thing I thought was so cute! What a darling little lemon press! You put the lemon slice in the body of the hummingbird and squeeze the tail so the juice comes out of the beak! So cute!

 Devonshire clotted cream with orange zest to put on the scones.

Homemade strawberry jam.

When you are first seated, there is they a glass of the iced "tea of the day" waiting on you. In our case it was a blueberry hibiscus tea.  It was so delicious. It was sweet, fruity, and tangy. Delightful and refreshing!

You are also served a hot tea of the day to go along with the iced tea. Ours was a strawberry hibiscus.

 The first course served is a triple berry scone (strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry) and a chilled strawberry soup.

 Also, in addition to the hot tea of the day, you get to pick out two additional hot teas from her 
never-ending menu.

 We ordered pomegranate green tea and Lady Londonberry which is a strawberry and lemon flavor.

 The item in the picture above is something I found really neat. The cloth around the spout of the tea pot absorbs the tea that dribbles down the edge when you pour.   Just one of those things that I find interesting.

 The next course was a spring salad with a house vinaigrette and a vegetable quiche.

 Quiche with broccoli and tomatoes.

Close-up of the spring salad.

 Finally, to top it all off you get a 3 tier dessert platter.

 Finally, we were served tea sandwiches that included pimento cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, and tomato.  We also got a mini chocolate raspberry tart with a chocolate shell.

 In the middle we had chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cream cheese on banana nut bread, and pineapple cream cheese on cinnamon swirl bread.

 Finally on the top we got lemon curd cupcakes, and mini fudge brownies.

 Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Laura's Tea Room.  Personally, I prefer Laura's over the tea rooms in Savannah. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and all of the courses were delectable. Everything about it was fabulous!  The next time I visit Nana,  I will make sure we go to visit Laura's again.  So amazing!  If you are ever near Ridgeway, SC, please check out Laura's Tea Room.  I promise you won't be disappointed! Until next time...

Happy cooking,

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  1. Wonderful blog, Savannah! Makes me want to jump in my car and drive up there right now. I'm enjoying all your work. Keep it up! You're a true inspiration!