Tuesday, January 3, 2012

b. Matthew's Eatery

My family and I were trying to figure out where to eat dinner and my mom thought about a local restaurant called b. Matthew's Eatery. It is known for breakfast but they serve a mean dinner, too. The pictures are not great because of the rather dim light but whatever. The atmosphere in b. Matthew's is relaxed elegance. It's the kind of place where you feel perfectly comfortable wearing your jeans  but you
 still get a top-notch dining experience. Here is the website. www.bmatthewseatery.com 
Pictures are as follows.
The menu

My dad's frisse salad.
With bacon, pear, walnuts, roasted cipollini
tossed in a goat cheese vinaigrette and topped
with a poached egg.

My mom's arugula salad.With roasted tomatoes, blue cheese,
pumpkin seeds, apple, and balsamic
My arugula salad
with baked goat cheese topped with a tomato
My dad's entree
Roasted Chicken "Pot Pie"
A de-constructed pot pie with pastry, fresh peas,
carrots, corn, and mushrooms in a creamy
rosemary broth.
My mom's entree
Pan-Seared Salmon
On spinach, mushroom, and leek ragout with a
brown butter caper sauce and pomme frites.
My entree
10oz. Ribeye
With parmesan and blue cheese onion rings
stuffed with roasted fingerling potatoes wild
mushrooms, heirloom cherry tomatoes and
natural jus.
Our dessert
The Chocolate Tasting
In the little cup is a chocolate pot de creme
The big bar is a peanut butter chocolate bar
and the little squares are chocolate caramel fudge.
I don't really remember what everything is but I
think I got pretty close.

Over all I had a great dining experience. Our waitress, Katie May, was one of the best I've ever had! We actually had a lot in common and ended up talking for about 30 minutes while we were eating dessert. They were closing so we were her only table left. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend b. Matthew's. You won't be disappointed. Until next time.

Ciao for now!

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