Saturday, December 31, 2011

Deviled Eggs

A few days ago I decided to make deviled eggs for two reasons. One because my cousins sent me some goodies from Japan for Christmas, one of which was a boiled egg shaping mold. Second being for a Christmas present my parents bought me caviar from a local seller called Walter's Caviar located in Darien, GA. If you ever want caviar I definitely recommend buying from them. Best caviar. Here is the link to their website.

I had seen caviar on deviled eggs before and thought, why not? I documented the process because surprisingly quite a few people have never made deviled eggs and it is one of those things that you probably are not quite sure how to start. Here we go.

I put a hot boiled egg in the mold and made it
into a star shape.

I also made a heart but it split. =(
The star turned out great though! =)

Inside of the star.

Pop out all of the egg yolks
and crumble them up with a fork.

Add about a quarter cup of mayo.

Add a quarter teaspoon of vinegar or pickle juice.

Salt and Pepper to taste.
Go easy on the salt because the
caviar is salty too.

I like to add about a half teaspoon of mustard.
It adds a little tang and makes the color a more
vibrant yellow.

All of the ingredients together.

Start mixing it together with a fork
to smooth out the lumps.

Keep mixing and smoothing.

I decided that it needed a little more
mayo to make it a little smoother.

When you are done you should have
something that looks like this.
Nice and smooth.

I took a grapefruit spoon to fill the eggs with because
it has a pointed end but you can use a regular
spoon or a pastry pag to fill the eggs with. =)

Make sure you have a substantial amount
of filling in each egg.

This is the caviar to buy.

Isn't it beautiful?
Use a pearl spoon. Never metal because when
metal mixes with the caviar it causes a chemical
reaction and makes the caviar taste different.

Voila! Your beautiful, tasty deviled eggs!

Hope this helped! If you try the eggs with or without caviar let me know how they turn out!

Ciao for now,

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