Monday, May 30, 2011


That is me described in one word. Foodie. A person who is extremely interested in food, especially cooking and eating. I recently have eaten at some really amazing restaurants. The first being a restaurant right here in Savannah called Noble Fare. Definitely one to save for special occasions but well worth it.The service was amazing, the food was delicious, and it was an overall great experience. Here is the website link so you can look it over.
Here are the picture I took to share with you.
My special drink. Basil and raspberry lemonade.

Our amuse-bouche. Deviled quail egg with paprika oil and dill.
The cheese platter. The cheeses are listed on the website.
It was served with raspberry preserves, fruit, and crostini.

Our palate cleanser. A strawberry sorbet.

My entree. Thai glazed beef rib served with haricot verts,
roasted fingerling potatoes, and basil oil.

My mom's entree. Pan roasted red snapper,
Swiss chard over polenta.

My dad's entree. Pan roasted diver scallops,
with bacon and corn risotto, spinach, and
balsamic gastrique.
I forgot to take pictures of dessert but it was creme brulee. A very delicious one, too.

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you want more. 

Live, Love, Experience,
-Savannah :)

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